next YUM YUM in Munich on May 28th @ Stroke


Next YUM YUM in munich will be on Fr May 28th @ Stroke 02, the Urban Art exhibition. This date has been fixed half a year ago and the lineup is really nice, with the venue being breathtaking. The building is the old bavarian national bank and there are 3 floors. The Main Floor will be the YUM YUM floor with Me (chrome), Max & Not fx playing alongside. The 2nd floor will be the top Friend floor with Dj Beware & Solo from the UK. If you haven’t heard about Solo yet, damn.. its your own fault. A live gig will come along by the name of Ladey Daisey, a new signing on BBE Rec. Think Joss Stone when she started out on some really soulful, beats, fell in love with LD’s music online and booked her right away. Floor 3 will be a chillout lounge run by some old friends of ours. Really looking ffwd to a fully planned night at an incredible venue. Think YUM YUM Summerfest last year. Gonna be massive..


A word about Puerto Giesing: this time we have the upper hand and we are gonna wait a few parties before we move in, until the location works properly. The place is nice – we know it – but we are not gonna start doing parties in that place until the situation with the bars is worked out, the waiting line at the door is reduced, the coat check works efficently, the right people work there etc (also the legal situation is still somewhat greyish to me). At some of our recent off -locations we have had similar issues . and we figured it would be best to wait for Puerto Giesing to get it all under control before we start doing our thing. We were intended to do a party this weekend, but last saturdays one-off showed that the place isn’t fully ready…. MAIN REASON: Let the other guys do the try-outs before our guests and YUM YUM people have to suffer from this. This time let all the ravers, the ellen aliens, dj hells and so forth do the try outs. We pull more people then them so let them do the dirty work first. We did it before for them (remember registratur), so – it’s only fair brother. And we we care about our people.