News: new Streamplayer & RecordShop feature coming in a few weeks!


The great CL depression hit Munich hard, but we also got the sunny weather and great music to cheer us up – so life goes on :) I am trying to record a short mixtape tonight for all of you while we are constantly & continuously improving the site. Will be a few more weeks before we get there, but its gonna be major changes. the same ones i wanted to have last year, but didn’t make them in the end, simply bc there were not enough tech & techy guys around to get these things done which i couldn’t handle myself. But its all good and its back to music for one, and also we are gonna be improving a whole lot of other things to make reading, maneuvering and adding songs you like easier. PS be in for a special feature on the new site: our brand new continuous Stream player and the Record Shop feature which is blowing my mind right now. This will probably be the best feature chromemusic has to offer.  And we are gonna go mobile in time to come – but that is a feature yet to come. So long and feedback on the posts is appreciated. Thx!