PSA: dates before Christmas


No parties this week, we are taking a little break, but last weeks YUM YUM blew my mind and in Moscow Passion was getting busy with Pasha, so busy he had to prolongue his stay just to play another gig the next day.  We will be back next week with two more parties, in Munich and NRW and with all the new dates for the next weeks and our first dates in Austria etc.. Thx for voting our monthly YUM YUM top tunes. Everybody seems to love this idea. Takes a little getting used to. Comic book of last Friday will be online on Wednesday and there are no more pictures of Berlin coming, simply there were only 30 made (WTF!?!) and out of these only 6 made it out of that piece of crap camera and these 6 suck so bad – you couldnt put them up on my first appartments toilet. Well at least now i know who i can rely on and not… Maybe at least the little films survived but that doesn’t count either, since they should have been online 7 days ago!!! This is the digital age and i am dealing with people who can’t put up pics the next day!!! Hell, no.

More pleasent things to come this week and more material and more parties will be announced in the following days, still recovering from our little excursions and drinkfests. Ze germans had to save ze brewery (again).