PSA: dates this week


Great weekend ahead of us. Our 2nd installment of YUM YUM in Innsbruck/Austria is going down this Saturday as well as the start of Top Friends in Stuttgart as a monthly venue. The Recap comic book of last Fridays YUM YUM in munich will be online tomorrow – A mad, mad night where people where queing twice round the corner and far more than 1000 peeps showed up – we sorry but we couldnt let more people in – Registratur simply is not that big –  We will have to start looking for a new venue – the whole Gärtnerplatz area is turning into what the kunstpark was – and the music they play in every spot is really, really outdated. How come every kid with an ipod knows more about current music than the Djs that play at night (lets end the speculations : and i am talking to all of you).