PSA: new design, back to dubplates, read on!


sorry for the site being offline for 24h, but we just fixed that. happened while we were working on the new chromemusic look and features. actually close to the finishing touches, but you ll see. rerouting off all media, info and post material is a proper pain in the arse. #fucktechnology was my motto after staring too much into the screen, nah but seriously i am so tired of facebooks spy and snoop shit and i had it with apple especially. charging money for usability, and that has been lacking as of recent, and their quality started sucking, everything somehow disintegrates exactly the year after you get it. like my man steve said, its making me grumpy.

Other thatn that i am back to making musack and somehow i rediscovered the good old vinyl, just never really let go. loving that stuff and theirs nothing better than going to a gig with a bag full of your own dubplates. did it last weekend (for an hour or so) and man the crowd was going mental! i think i ll start using serto as the back up now. playing dubplates is the shit!! no screen to look at while playing music. that dorky shit got to go (at least eb reduced :) to an acceptable level. so thats my news – how was your week???