PSA: YY Stuttgart this weekend & a surprise Big YUM YUM next weekend in Munich in a brand new Location on three (!) floors

Yes looking fwd to Stuttgart this weekend which is gonna be huge, while the preperations are running for a brand new massive installment in munich on Saturday 27th at a brand new location with three proper floors! You are gonna be in for a treat with this lovely brick house affair in the middle of munich and most of our crew and almost all djs on the turntables with an extra trap/moombahton floor. The Floors look lovely and we are gonna post a few pictures in the upcoming facebook event and on here. The YUM YUM Newsletter will have all the details, whereabouts and whatnot and a brand new YUM YUM Tee and all our collected mixtapes, as announced, in proper CD quality. Wheew, quite a bit of material. This is gonna be a massive night.