PSA: this week


we are taking it a bit slow this week. YUM YUM just started out in Innsbruck. By March it will be 3 Austrian cities and the same goes for the UK. We’ll be in the UK in February, starting with Leicester and Southhampton – and adding Manchester in March. YUM YUM Berlin will also come back end of February, Top Friend party will take place at Erste Liga, Munich and in Stuttgart. YUM YUM in Shanghai will return in february with my man Passion taking on the travel routine and making a quick appearance in Beijing. We’ll see the return of YUM YUM in Moscow with a new venue at hand. And finally a new party which is called Sugoy! will see the ligt of day next week and there is way more to come… Poooh!!!

so stay tuned – check the announcements, vote for our new top tune selection – starting next Monday and check out our events/party calendar. So long now enjoy the recaps of the past weekend….