PSA: YUM YUM & more Dates this week


First up we are having our first and only YUM YUM in Munich this Friday, February 6th @ Registratur. The very same day we are having our monthly YUM YUM in Karlsruhe with Schu going down to hit you with the latest set and sound. On Saturday we are having a Top Friend vs Resident Rock night at Erste Liga. Will be nice thang – specially YUM YUM this Friday will be massive so don’t miss out on it.

Ps the WeSc party at Cafe King this Friday was really nice, the one thing we threw at JAM in Cologne last Saturday was also a massive night, and Max and Tom doing their thang at P1 went down like butter. So there is way more to come, this month with our follow up to the opener in Shanghai, another YUM YUM in Berlin on Saturday, feb 28th and much more. The opening of YUM YUM Uk, the return of YUM YUM in Moscow for March and, and, and…


  • Friday: YUM YUM in Munich February 6th @ Registratur
  • Friday: YUM YUM in Karlsruhe Feb 6th @ Stadtmitte
  • Saturday: Top Friend vs Resident Rock techno Feb 7th @ erste liga