Summers back + new features on chromemusic + new Mixtapes + 3 dates this weekend


Yes, as you can all see and tell, we have been busy redesigning chromemusic. There is a wide selection of new authors on our blog, starting in september. Our mobile app is close to being finished, we have a great new comment tool and the 3 promised short Mixtapes (YUM YUM, Sweet Serenade, chromemusic favourites) will be available within the next week. Our next date at the beautiful summer location in Dortmund will take place this friday and Duisburg and Stuttgart follow on saturday. YUM YUM Vienna will return the middle of September (17th) and YUM YUM Berlin will be back after Schowis vacation is over, Spetember 3rd. Until then enjoy all the wonderful new music thats out there and celebrate the last days of summer … outside.