little photo recap of last saturdays Party at Picknick “Yum Yum meets Les Mads”


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While sitting on Schowi & Palinas beautiful balcony in the sunny morning sun in the middle of Kreuzberg, we are reminiscing the past saturday night at Picknick Berlin Mitte. The Party we did this time with the fab peoples at Les Mads was an original. we did it like Charlie Murphy and had too much fun. The dance went on till like 8 or 8.30?? can hardly remember cause being sober was a distant island. Here is the recap from the awesome girls at Les Mads.

wicked night altogether, we all had a serious blast and i enjoyed playing outdoors for the 3rd time this summer which is kinda rare in germany. i was just a guy visiting some friends but i ended up playing with two of my favorite folks.

well having that night on my mind (and jumidu with me) i did a chill mixtape of some of the most recent stuff that i am enjoying out here in the sunshine. you can crank it up when you hit the road or just chill out. simply a mixtape when travelling. sunny days on the road, cool wind in your hair…

Firewall Mixtape by filip bakija

its not called Firewall for nothing, if you get through the very first track (hahaha) you ll get to enjoy the rest hahahaha