this Saturday: Chrome Music Birthday Party @ Art Babel Munich + 7 (!)new Mixtapes by ALL our djs


STORY This week our website chromemusic turns 7 and we are gonna celebrate that in multiple ways! our music blog started on November 2nd 2004, ever since we have had our first top tunes post, the regular posts started in jan of 05 and  it wasn’t even a blog at first, it was based on dreamweaver and was a regular website with a blog like skin. in short it was a pain in the ass to have it running like that. but its (kind of) easier now but we have been doing it for a full 7 years now! SO YAAAY!

BIRTHDAY GIFTS As a little birthday gift to all our friends (and make sure to put your iphones on SWAG), by saturday, we will have SEVEN(!) or more new mixtapes online by me, schowi, tand williams, max, notfx, deniz ‘d-nice’, dan gerous, tommy, tipura and i think even more of our chromemusic / YUM YUM djs. and i’ll let you vote the best one. And next week we will have our YUM YUM Top tunes of the last 7 years online. We will pick the best 7 of the last 7 years and make it the Top 49 Tunes since the beginning of our website.

PARTY INFO And yes, even if we don’t usually celebrate birthdays i think 7 is a lucky number, especially after accomplishing the 7th year (!) and therefore we are having a celebration with me & deniz (d-nice) on the turntables and the rest of the crew (at the bar i guess). kind of a surprise & short notice thing for everyone since i only came up with it yesterday (!). I like it soulful people and i tend to make the whole night on a more soulful tip. You know what, i’ll just make my mixtape like that and you’ll hear what i mean.

INVITE FRIENDS: I havent made a facebook event for it, not yet, not even sure if i will (maybe a small one for friends) – i got so tired by those mass invitations on facebook. they fucking annoy me to be honest.  i’ll post it here so we can all invite our peoples and kinda make it personal. (***I made a small event, / Seven years of chromemusic birthday party / still open for personal invites but no mass invites please!***)

LOCATION & DATE: The weathers gonna be brilliant this Saturday (in munich at least) with a promised 20 degrees & a whole lotta sunshine, so we’ll just hang out outside at Art Babel biergarten in the evening, before we get the dance going and open the doors at 11:11 pm . How to get to Art Babel is very very simple/ heart of the city. and what we need to do is OCCUPY Art Babel it. Lol, no seriously i am really looking forward to play some of the latest and some of the rare soulful stuff that i have and that came kind of short lately –  to get a proper*proper dance going.

FREE BEER for a FREE BEAR you’ll get a beer for free (in exchange) if you bring one of these little pedo bears with you (download it here, print it out in color, fold & glue it together properly). your beers in PB dollars. UPDATE One BEER a Person! I’ve seen a girl print out 10 pieces already!

FREE ENTRY and of course free entry with any kind of proper star wars outfit (i am talking prequels). no let me throw in star trek uniforms & yum yum tees. and if your birthday is that same night bring your i.d. folks

So put on a your dancing shoes and take what you need from me and see you Saturday night for a beautiful dance throughout the entire night & make sure to pack your good friends & show up early.

full report coming Sunday morning


Happy Birthday – Michael Jackson (The Simpsons Remix)