YUM YUM 15.09.2006


YUM YUM last Friday, like every year it was the night before the Oktoberfest opening so obviously the streets were empty because everybody was saving their energy for the Opening on Saturday. We had about half the amount of our regular customers and we still were the most packed party that night if not the entire weekend, not counting the Oktober-Drunk-Fest. And boy it turned out to be a brilliant night. By 5 in the morning we were totally running on empty – after that nightlong and exhausting dance. A mashup extravaganza that brought some of the most meorable moments to life as well as some long forgotten gems. Tand was coming down on some really nice stuff and some new version that he brought along as well as my very on new versions and September goodies. All blended in to make a perfect mix that would boost the dance. Truly worth a YUM YUM night. Still had to save up some energy for next Thurdays YUM YUM SPECIAL with our guest Djs from NYC: The fellas from the Rub – Cosmo Baker, DJ Ayres and Eleven. Man – nobody should miss this one – even though its on a Thursday night. See you on September 21st..