YUM YUM 17.03.2006


This Friday YUM YUM is coming to town,
meaning Munich and NRWs Duisburg,
Friday the 17th and Saturday the 18th its on.
We welcome our guests Marek (LB) and resident
up north Tand. Really looking forward to playing a
nice set with plenty of new tunes. Superb night with a
superb backing by an elegant old school deejay.
Back and forth was an easy thing to do like this.
Area two was flawless contrast music by Munichs
own Trachtenvogl – one of the most popular places
and a bar that stand for the lightness of living,
which at times can be unbearable but not tonight.
Their musical policy is similar to ours, just not self designed.
Plus we just started redesigning the website
– it might take some time,
cause cash rules everything around me.

we’ll be back on track soon enough.