YUM YUM 19.05.2006


last Friday – all right, even though the weather was moody, that didn’t stop us from spreading a nice atmoshere inside. . Another rather large one, even though the Soundsystem was playing games with us. We will have that fixed by next time. Which, speaking of, will be the 2nd of June. And the Djays will be Chrome & Schu. This time Tand from
YUM YUM Nrw gave his debut – and did a pretty good job. The Mixcd’s got handed out and from what i hear there are still some left in the shops. (the 3 shops that are passing out our new Mixcds for us). It’s packed with absolute YUM YUM exclusives and introuveables – plus the cds look cute .This is what they look like .
Still looking strong is our YUM YUM top selection for May. There is a new one on its way and its coming pretty fast. So be on the lookout and stay tuned as from last Wednesday on the subsites as well as everything else on this website is back to life
again and once more fully functional. Best regards & in a bit…