YUM YUM 21.07.2006


Amazing YUM YUM last Friday . Great night even though sweat was steadily dropping off my chin, nose onto my plates. But from the sheer look of it i wasn’t the only one sweating inside. At least you people had a chance of switching back and forth between the main area, our open area (finally) and even the second area, where La Boutique and N. Schiegl were running the sound politics . It was a pure primer.. In the Main area the night slowed down at about 5 a.m. in the morning . Amazing you people were holding it down for so long it must have been exhausting but at the same time it was a real dance , with sweating bodies, pumping basslines and plenty of new YUM YUM Sound . We’ve seen you go nuts to those new tunes . Everybody lost about 5 pounds after the dance . It was a pleasure, the entire night although that one turntable started acting up again. Whatever.. Boy, after such a night i am really looking forward for the upcoming YUM YUM on Friday August 4th . The two week wait will be worth it. Trust me, mad new tunes are being hooked up at present. We all had a major blast. Thanks for making it mine..