yum yum has a brand spanking new home and yes sir, we are playing like a team, more than ever


finally, all us YUM YUM guys are playing like a team again – with a new home it changed drastically, it was everything last weekend but the same old, same old. i loved it! the last 1,5 y have been hard dj wise, but only in munich, playing the big areas only – there was no way you could break any new non-super-appealing tunes to the crowd with a 1k+ crowd. you can only do this on smaller floors, like in the club we got now. i love watching it grow organically. ps. we actually do play like a real team does and its fucking awesome! it all started in munich so, this is where the sounds & mixes need to originate… where the other guys come to get an inspiration and collaborate with us. and we are on a very, very good way there. trust me, i can tell, even after only one night. its about the tunes and a certain feel to it all – a state of mind if you will >>> the timing, the routines and all that other stuff comes naturally. but bouncing from style to style while paying proper respect to all styles and showing knowledge – thats what its about

thx a lot for making it mine. aaand >>>> chrome & schowi up this weekend @ yip yab – different night, different sound :) ///deniz & hakan in stuttgart///max & timo in dortmund – like i said ‘same same, but different’ – watch us…

i feel like listening to this heavyweight primate right now :)


Action Bronson – Barry-Horowitz