***YUM YUM Tour August 2009 w Kswiss***


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This August we are doing our long announced summer 5 stops tour – 4 cities in Germany and Vienna being the 5th. Like last year we are puting out 3 new tshirts through kswiss, designed by our friends Smal & Paze, Zonders and LenaSeb. We are excited to meet up with old and new friends and do another fruitful partnership with Kswiss since the first one was relly nice and uncomplicated (ps didnt get paid for saying this) – and a whole bunch of nice tees came out of it. thanks for backing our material.

Here are the 5 dates, locations and the line up:

AUG 1st – YUM YUM Vienna @ WUK – Djs: Beware, Chrome, Functionist, Schowi & Tand Williams. – YUM YUM Vienna Facebook group

AUG 7th – YUM YUM Munich @ Registratur – Djs: Chrome, Max Mausser, Notfx – YUM YUM Munich Facebook group

AUG 14th – YUM YUM Cologne @ Subway – Djs: Booty Call Djs, Chrome, Kamikaze (YUM YUM Shanghai tba)

AUG 15th – YUM YUM Duisburg (NRW) @ 100Meister – Djs: Tand Williams, Chrome, Notfx – YUM YUM Duisburg Facebook group

AUG 29th – YUM YUM Berlin @ Picknick – Djs: Schowi, Chrome, Stevie Mac (YUM YUM Manchester tba) – YUM YUM Berlin Facebook group

We will post every event seperately – and mention all the local shops where you can grab our shirts, and cds. Almost forgot mentioning that we will be giving out free YUM YUM “Love Remastere Tour” Cds @ every spot we play and every shop we co-op with. So grab them while they last.