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AOSOON – ‘What is this about’ – NEW EP (FREE DL)

When we first wrote about AOSOON we were not sure if the follow up of there EP “What Is this about” would continue and go on to top ‘Skinny Strong’ the duos first single. The pair were able to do just that giving us 3 consecutively amazing songs each with there styles showing the bands versatility and musical genius. Our new favourite “Under” a blissful trance of beautiful guitar melodies captivating lyrics and the sweet vocals of marisa takes you into a whole new world where nothing matters, a great place to leave any baggage you might be carrying behind. Ghost is a haunting but fascinating track lead by a well crafted drum pattern the lyrics are bold and right to the point giving us a deeper insight into where the duo are coming from, the last minute of the track ghost leads us into a spacious room of nothing but good instrumental giving the listener to chance to almost lose themselves in the music. Both Under and Ghost are amazing tracks in there own rights and to choose one over the other just wouldn’t be right there is definitely as song in this EP for all occasions. Theres no doubt in our minds that the duo won’t go on to do more amazing things there definitely on to something.

The whole 4 Track EP:

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New Barber Shop Mixtape Vol 2 – mixed by Chrome [Free DL]

A new Mixtape (Free Download as usual) mixed by yours truly. Just a quick half hour long sum up i did yesterday with some ‘urban’ favourites i don’t get to play at YUM YUM. Hope you enjoy it pretty much with the sun up, and finally providing the energy to get your step on to this little roundup. No surprise here, no tricks & no gimmicks – just a solid tape. Pspsps With The Barber Shop becoming a girl/lady favourite night, a new edition of the Barber Shop is happening tomorrow night (RSVP) with Taran & chromemusic veteran NLP on the decks, i guess this could be called a promo tool hahaha. No, just kidding, have fun with this one. Download right here:

Barber Shop Mix Vol 1 – mixed by Taran (FREE DL)

The first Volume in a series of Barber Shop Mixtapes, that will now come in regularly, always between 20 – 30 min, that will highlight all Djs involved in the Barber Shop. We kick it off we a mix by Taran mainly based on Hip Hop classics and just some all time favourites that seem to be everywhere these days. Have fun with this one.

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Barber Shop Tune # 5

Numero cinco in our Barber Shop Tunes Selection. Classic co-op by Murs & Slug on this Album from back in 2005, the tracks actual cover for the same titled single, is actually this one. Used to kill this track back then till the vinyl was almost gone, but its time to dig it up bc it fits the vibe of the Barber Shop night, we now have going on every Saturday night, just perfectly. Make sure to get the entire album – a classic in my book. Felt – Felt 2 A tribute to Lisa Bonet. Pure Summer Vibes. PS 1st Barber Shop Mixtape coming this Thursday. Find the perfect site to gamble online – Australian online casinos


Felt – Dirty Girl