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Win 2×2 Tickets for Major Lazer Live tonight – this Friday, May 10th in Munich @ Kesselhaus

Not much to be said about the Major but you can win 2 x 2 tickets for Major Lazer tonight @ Kesselhaus Munich. All you have to do is send us a mail.  The first two will receive two tickets (guestlist spots) each. Mail to: | Subject: LAZER LIVE.

Short last minute notice. Show starts in 4 hours. Probably the only act constantly in 0our monthly Top Tunes. Best tune this year:

YUM YUM Munich this Saturday in a new Off Location + some brand new YUM YUM Tees

YUM YUM this Saturday in a temporary Off Location @ Sonnenstrasse 12 (you all know the place that is no more :)  A massive & wild night on two floors with Chrome, Max Mausser, D-Nice, Dan Gerous & Marki. Looking fwd to playing in a Off Location. Also brand new YUM YUM tees will be available this Saturday and we will give a few away in this weeks Munich Newsletter. Be in for a massive night with a good & decent crowd. Ps. Really love playing since is started doing so many new versions again. Like most of us – so come down and get your groove on.

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the new tees & one lousy snap shot :) even instagram couldn’t fix it.

tonight Fetsum live @YUM YUM Dornbirn

This place, Conrad Sohm in Dornbirn, a place in the middle of nowhere, unknown to most, became the favourite spot for so many of our djs in no time at all, simply bc of the amazing kindness of the guy running the place and Fabio is a one of a kind guy, who runs a tasteful place with an attitude that serves the right stuff where you would expect it the least. Tonight  a new YUM YUM is going down at Conrad Sohm with Dan Gerous on the decks and a special live performance by our man Fetsum. The kindest and sweetest soul to ever raise his voice. Here is a video of Fetsum if you haven’t seen him around before.I can only repaet what iw rote here before. The man is a treat to your ears and it feels just good to be around him. Just positive vibes with him and his music. He is even playing at the SXSW festival in the states this year. He’s gonna go even more places with his earnestness. If you are anywhere in the area, go see my buddy and enjoy the sunshine :)

YUM YUM Munich, this Friday Jan 18th at Filmcasino

We are back to ball with another massive YUM YUM, tomorrow night at the beautiful Filmcasino in Munich. One of the two remaining nigths before the Filmcasino turns into a restaurant :( The original crew taking over the turntables with brandnew versions and tunes as you can here on our latest release YY Vol 13. Ps here is another Party Starter treat for your ears as we drop one more of our latest YY Versions. Ignore the snowfall and come by early (doors open at 11pm). It’s gonna be tropical inside with me, D-Nice & Max raising the degrees on the dancefloor to make the floor melt with the latest soundwaves in YUM YUM set & sound. Come by and bring a friend :) Invite your peoples >>> via FB RSVP

Video from the last time at Filmcasino, ps we were all drunk by 11pm since we met around8 and stated drinking. oh christmas time..

Huge YUM YUM Christmas Party, this Friday Dec 21st

This Friday, Dec 21st,  the entire family is gonna come down together, and celebrate on at least two floors at Filmcasino Munich. Heart of the City, so if you’re in the area, or just visiting home – make sure to drop by. After a year of playing in our partly co-owned venue, with a much smaller floor, we are back to our regular & massive YUM YUM ballroom dance with me, Max, Notfx, D-Nice, Tipura and more playing the BIG room while Floor #2 will be run by my man Danny from the mighty Bklyn Blog and our buddies from MunichOpenMinded. PSPSPS Remember the last huge one we did a year back? If not check this nice video (at footer of this post). Ps unlike the last time, we are gonna have plenty of BRANDnew YUM YUM tunes and anthems on us, since we are also about to drop our latest Mixtape YUM YUM Vol 13 on christmas. Here is a new Alicia Keys YUM YUM version off the new Mixtape and also check out this Jay-Z version we did or this soulful treat :) and expect YUM YUM cookies – a lot of cookies.

Ps if you are still lonelybooking on facebook – RSVP here :)

Ps Ps Dec 21st will surely be the most annoying day in the history of social media – just imagine every buffoon lonelybooking about the misinterpreted maya calander. Stay off the webs and come by :)

ps last years video: 

YUM YUM Sommerfest from chromemusic on Vimeo.