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Yum Yum @ Secret Garden Party… shhhhhhh!


Hold up people this just in… Robzilla and myself have been asked to fill a slot on The Secret Garden Party festival tomorrow evening. We’re over the moon with the news and running home now to feverishly pack tents and equipment for the weekend. We’ll be playing on the Valley of the Antics stage at 7.50pm, right before Foreign Beggars, if you happen to be at the festy please come down and check out the set… we’ll do our best to record it and make it available on the site when we get back.

Many thanks to Sketchy of Man Make Music for hooking this up, we can’t wait to get down there and blast some Yum Yum sounds!

check out the festival here:SECRET GARDEN PARTY

Iran election protest Manchester




This Sunday I attended the protest against the atrocities occurring in Iran. The protest took place in Manchester’s Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester City Centre. It was a peaceful protest and although people were clearly very upset and concerned about the issue at hand, there was absolutely no trouble at all. As a sign of support, we brought down strips of green material and handed them out amongst the demonstrators, the colour now being synonymous with the opposition party fighting for freedom in Iran.

We seemed to be the only white Brits at the demo, and I was pretty disappointed not to see more faces in the crowd showing support… however it was clear that the Iranians attending the demo were very appreciative to see at least a couple of us standing with them.

I found the whole thing to be extremely moving, the most striking thing was the amount of people covering their faces to protect their identities, obviously concerned that their presence may cause trouble for family and friends in Iran.

Not being a Farsi* speaker I couldn’t follow most of the protests, but this only gave me time to reflect on how I would feel if it were my family and countrymen in a similar situation. We should all be thankful for our freedoms, not everyone is as lucky as us.

You can show support by changing your Twitter pic green here

Our thoughts are with the people of Iran.

*thanks for your corrections!

Fuzzy Love


We haven’t posted a tune in a while, so it’s good to come back with a couple funky little tracks from our good friends Fuzzbox based in Jersey, a beautiful island actually closer to France than the UK! Fuzzbox are Joe Pope and Colin Moore, pure edit heads, mixing their own flavour into old funk tracks, demonstrated perfectly by these two tracks!

First up it’s a soulful reworking of Joe Frazier’s “My Love”, I love the Northern Soul vibe and can’t wait to play this one out…



Our second offering is a cheeky little number, “Play With Fire” (Yard Boy Ten) with pinch of bmore, a splash of dancehall and a whole lot of Goodgroove!



You can catch the Fuzzbox djs @ Chambala festival in Canada this August (if you’re lucky enough to be there) otherwise follow the links and show some fuzzy love!





Recap of Manchester June 5th


A massive thank you to goes out to everyone who came down to Yum Yum on Friday, and special thanks goes to DJ Sketchy (and his lovely lady!) of MAN MAKE MUSIC for making the long train ride north to come rock our party… and rock it he did!

He was also kind enough to drop us a mix for us to post, have a listen and go show some love for Sketchy on myspace…

We’ve been so busy recently it’s been difficult to get a new mix together, but happy to say June’s mix is done and dusted and here for your listening pleasure (still have a few copies of the YY UK VOL 4 CD for anyone coming down to Walrus this week). It’s an unashamed party mix this time round, and a good reflection of some of the tunes that are really raising the roof for us in Manchester!

The next Yum Yum will be Friday July 3rd, details to follow asap… but it’s gonna be my birthday bash also… the BIG THREE-OH!  There’s guaranteed to be a Scottish invasion that night with some of my countrymen making the trip down to usher me into my Dirty Thirties, so it’s bound to be a raucous affair… be warned!


DJ sketch mix08.mp3



Steve Ill Kinevil yum-yum-uk-vol4-june-09


(Tracklist after the jump!…)

Vertigo for the dancefloor!

Not being producers ourselves, and relying on our friends for some fresh material, we thought we would share another booty from atomic hooligan that’s been working well in Manchester over the last few weeks.

Taking vocal samples from Eric B & Rakim’s Know the Ledge, this is a dancefloor destroying electro, bassline tear out to get fists pumping and feet jumping!