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Give Away: Super Mario Magnet Board

So I’ve been offline for a few days and didn’t even check the blog-o-sphere for new music. Here’s why: I built a giant Super Mario Magnet Board. Took me almost 20 hours but I’d say it was definitely worth the time.

What’s going to happen with it? I’M GIVING IT AWAY on April 13th.

Here’s how you can get your hands on it: 

YUM YUM Bochum @ Rotunde // Opening this Saturday, Mar 9th

Living our life like it’s golden!

Always nice to have a little bling bling in store when opening up a new venue, isn’t it? Right.

So we’ve been working off our a****, handcrafting some gimmicks for next Saturday when we’ll open up doors at Rotunde in Bochum.

btw: we’ve been hosting an evening along with Stüssy / Adidas there some time ago which was mad fun. STW2D anybody?

Anyways… judging from the response we’re getting in person, via email, facebook (event) and whatnot, this is going to be a blast!! And we’re just excited as you are!!

Find one of those stencils, bring it to the club and get yourself on the guest list (we’ll hide those somewhere close to Bermudadreieck and post pictures on our Facebook page).

If you even manage to find THE GOLDEN BENDER you’re good for as long as we’re in Bochum (yes, that means you’ll be added to the guest list permanently).

Join the YUM YUM Bochum Goody Mail

We’ll give away some more guest list entries via our Goody Mail.

See you on the dance floor!!

Ps: PLEASE come early (!!!) since we’re very much afraid there simply won’t be enough room for everybody :-S