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Nik Ernst & Nick Peters – Give Me Back Tonight (feat. Tammy Infusino)


Tipsy Records has opened the gateway to more memorable nights ahead with their latest offering “Give Me Back Tonight.” Powerhouse producers Nik Ernst and Nick Peters fuse the perfect melodic progression. These international djs should top the list of promising acts to watch out for in the last leg of 2016. Teamed with top notch pop diva Tammy Infusino, making her mark as a lyrical genius. Stay on the lookout for this one to hit stores and Spotify!

The Chainsmokers – Closer (SJUR x SAXITY Remix ft. Strøm)


Saxity‘s latest remix is a melodic house take on “Closer” by The Chainsmokers’ ft. Halsey. The saxophone & the guitar are part of their signature sound and typical stylistic elements in melodic house music nowadays. The Chainsmokers may be the most remixed band these days, as their music is totally unique and state of the art. Feel free to grab your free download and have a great day.

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Adam Foster – Don’t Give It Up feat. Daniela [Radio Mix]


Adam Fosters new track is the perfect example of this new style that has become the new deep house, it’essentially very well organized “spaciousness” & soundscapes incorporated in a reduced instrumentation, yet still melodic house music in a catchy pop-oriented production. Much more dancefloor driven with uplifiting vocals, a pumping bassline and a lot of room in the music itself.

Very much in the same vein as Sam Feldt, Luca Schreiner, Luca & Steve and all the other guys everybody’s playing at the moment. A great tune to play out and to keep the party jumping. I almost ignored this one but here it is and make sure to give it a go. (ps i personally don’t like that it says available on Beatport but i guess there is some kind of marketing behind it:)

DeBoer – Fame Feat. Joël [CM PREMIERE]


Wow! The story behind this great song is really cool. About one year ago DeBoer was working at a bar in Toronto. After roughly 2 or 11 sodas at the end of a shift he got talking to one of his co-workers Joël and he had mentioned he was into writing lyrics. DeBoer sent him this beat and he sent back vocals the same day and he thought his voice was a great fit for the track so they’ve been excited to release it ever since. It´s just beautiful to see, how music is connecting people every time and everywhere!