Author page: Caroline

Montis & Afreaux – Wrong (feat. Eloy Smit)


Tipsy Records marks its return with a mint release for the Summer. “Wrong” is the kind of poppy vocal tune you’re looking for right now, catching the perfect vibe with singalong chorus and exciting electronic drops. For me its a timeless song, i can hear it the whole day! Nothing but pure sounds from Montis and Afreaux, as the team delivers a steaming piece of deep house. Sit tight while a nicely flowing bass and percussion get things moving, making perhaps the ultimate anthem of summer 2016. Be sure to follow them through the rest of the year!


The Chainsmokers Ft. Charlee – Inside Out (KLYMVX Remix) [CM PREMIERE]

Everyone knows The Chainsmokers, but have you heard about KLYMVX? No? Ok, so we are thrilled to premiere their newest release for THE CHAINSMOKERS! A brand new remix of their hit single “Inside Out”! KLYMVX take it away with their majestic/euphoric vibes! There’s no doubt that we have your Summer Anthem this year. It’s powerful and uplifting, which is perfect for the hot summer at the moment! Enjoy another hit release from AUX London!

TOITO – Fool (Vocal Mix)


Everyone who doesn´t know TOITO should check out his songs. His new Vocal Mix of “Fool” is a blast and sounds really powerful. Tipsy Records posted this mix yesterday on their Soundcloud. I think its a real club bomb and i also think that there are so many Djs out there who were waiting for such a song! So now check this power mix and if you like it as much as i do, don´t hesitate to follow him! :)