charlies_sweat.jpgIt seems like the first party of the year sets the trend and this one was massive. A lot of new people are working at Registratur, which is why they still need to get acquainted with a couple of things – like better handling the door and making an earlier entry stop before turning it into a sauna – and most importantly (readjusting their P.A.)which sounded like it had a hangover (no mids). But anyhow it was a massive nightreal fine in no time at all. What more can i say? Here is and except the occasional “did i make the record jump?” question it turned out to be a bomb yy100.jpgof a dance. Tand had some trouble working that soundsystem – but he got there our COMIC BOOK REVIEW of last Friday. Next time there will be better pictures – most importantly more folks on them. We are also just getting there and YUM YUM hasn’t even started this year. Stay tuned to see what new music we will be playing, our videos and video screening stuff. Looking forward. Ps next YUM YUM on January 19th in Munich with Chrome & Schowi. In Düsseldorf this weekend on January 12th with Chrome & Tand Wiliams. Thanks for making it mine and here is a downloadable PDF of our Comic book review.So can start collecting them. Enjoy, more goodies and news coming tomorrow and Wednesday.