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A Homage To Mr Banksy In Three Parts. 3/3

“There’s nothing more dangerous than someone who wants to make the world a better place.”


Since YUM YUM is participating at the Stroke Urban Art Fair this year (again). We decided to do a 3 part post documenting selected and most prestigeous works of the most prominent street artist in the world. A little street art to uplift your daily routines and have a giggle or two. We are not really some arty farty fellas but Mr B is a must-know and his material is message wise so dead on. His works speak for themselves, so happy scrolling!

Banksy collected works: part 1part 2 – part 3

Phone Boxes, New York City, USA


(Image credits banksy via boredpanda)



(Image credits banksy via boredpanda)

Take This Society


(Image credits: eddiedangerous via boredpanda)

Wider view



(Image credits banksy via boredpanda)

What Are You Looking at?


(Image credits: nolifebeforecoffee via boredpanda)

One Nation Under CCTV


(Image credits: ogglog via boredpanda)

Cashpoint Girl, London, UK


(Image credits: Trois Tetes (TT) via boredpanda)

Graffiti Area


(Image credits: What What via boredpanda)



(Image credits: Tal Bright via boredpanda)

Rat Mural on Canal Street, Chinatown, New York City


(Image credits: caruba via boredpanda)

Rude Boy Rat


(Image credits: What What via boredpanda)

Blank Walls


(Image credits: Broken Simulacra via boredpanda)



(Image credits: What What via boredpanda)

 Off the Wall


(Image credits: What What via boredpanda)

Cave Painting


(Image credits: badjonni via boredpanda)

Rat, Liverpool, UK


(Image credits: Klara Kim via boredpanda)

Urban Education


(Image credits: wokka via boredpanda)

Thug for Life


(Image credits: silverfox09 via boredpanda)



(Image credits: jordi.martorell via boredpanda)

Girl Holding a Bomb


(Image credits: kai (=herrner) via boredpanda)

Jumping Girl


(Image credits: unknown)

Ice Cream Bomb


(Image credits: matski_98 via boredpanda)



(Image credits: StefZ via boredpanda)

Rats with Signs


(Image credits: tiny_tear via boredpanda)

Banksy Sniper & Boy, Bristol, UK


(Image credits: JOHN19701970 via boredpanda)

Anti-capitalism for Sale, Los Angeles


(Image credits: Cody Simms via boredpanda)

No Ball Games, London, UK


(Image credits: steve_w via boredpanda)

The Mild Mild West, Bristol, UK

banksy streetart73

(Image credits: Trois Tetes (TT) via boredpanda)

Rat Race, New Zealand


(Image credits: Riv via boredpanda)

Mona Lisa with Bazooka


(Image credits: unknown)

Mona Lisa Showing Her Bum


(Image credits: unknown)

Caveman, Los Angeles


(Image credits: Lord Jim via boredpanda)

Man and Picture of a Dog, London, UK


(Image credits: atomicShed via boredpanda)

TV Thrown from a Window, London, UK


(Image credits: mermaid99 via boredpanda)

Girl with a Baloon, London, UK


(Image credits: David Boyle via boredpanda)

Artist, London, UK


(Image credits: unusualimage via boredpanda)

Naked Man


(Image credits: Ajuk via boredpanda)

P.S.: if you like what you just saw you might be interested in Banksy’s best selling book Wall and Piece.

via 80+ Beautiful Street Crimes done by BANKSY | Bored Panda.

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How To Enjoy A Music Video If You Do Not Like The Song. Use This Little Hack…

So this is what happened. I listened to this new song by the Beginners and watched its brilliant video. And to be honest the song didnt do the video justice. The images speak for themselves and i decided to do a different approach while sharing it:  Watch the video but with my own music :) so read the introduction, follow the steps and enjoy…

Beginner Video

Step 1: Open this Video on YouTube.

Beginners Video 2

Step 2: Press Mute because the Song is just boring boring boring by itself ;)

Beginner Video 3

Step 3: Listen to the Song below instead. And now…enjoy this awesome dudes dance.

This Website Reminds You To Become Aware Of Your Breathing And It’s Pure Genius!

“Keep your head above water
But don’t forget to breathe”

– Alexi Murdoch


Breathing. I am pretty sure most of us never really think about this process. Of course not. It’s almost the only thing that works without thinking about it. Besides I often have the feeling there are too many things around me to think about or my mind just thinks by itself because its used to doing it all the time. So, dear mind, let us think about breathing. It’s the most essential thing we need to do to stay alive. And then we go on wasting our thoughts on all kinds of other things. Doesn’t sound logical at all, right?Breathe_chromemusic

Whenever you feel overwhelmed by your daily routines, your constant phone ringing, your browsers numerous open tabs and your uncontrollably spinning mind – just open this link below. Nothing more.
It’s genius – just breathe!


LINK: breathe in and out

How Shaolin Monks Train For The Martial Arts (Photo Gallery And Some Music By The RZA)

Well nobody really knows what Shaolin Kung Fu is actually supposed to be these days. Its definitely not a direct successor of the original Shaolin Temple heritage. A form of Kung Fu that is most similar to Hung Gar Kung Fu, resident in the southern parts of China, much like Wing Tsun and Choi Li Fut. But before going into the photo gallery, first here’s a short snippet of RZA’s new bandcamp compilation entitled “The RZA presents Shaolin Soul Selection: Volume 1“. What else did you expect? hahahaha…

And this is how modern day Shaolin monks train for the martial arts. Very reminiscent of the 70s Hong Kong movies. Shaw Brothers anyone? Enjoy…

shaolin monks05 shaolin monks15 shaolin monks13 shaolin monks09 shaolin monks16 shaolin monks03 shaolin monks06 shaolin monks11 shaolin monks02 shaolin monks07 shaolin monks14 shaolin monks01 shaolin monks17 shaolin monks04 shaolin monks12 shaolin monks08via imgur