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Aaaargh Pirates!!!

Hard times for the filesharing community. With an offensive against so-called peer-to-peer (P2P) filesharing networks, the entertainment industry tries to restake their claims. Descending like a 5-Dollar crackwhore on a bag of smack, the industry lawyers ripped a bunch of filesharing sites a new one by flooding them with law suits. As sites like btefnet, sharereactor and supernova bowed to the power of the almighty law firms and closed their gates down, a huge part of the scene went underground. Others yet like Pirate Bay, faced the storm, protected by the rather lax Swedish copyright laws and their half-assed enforcement. Well versed in the nooks and crannies of international law, they ridicule the entertainment industry and their legal threats. The answers to all of those legal threats are published regularly on the website. Head over there immediately if you want to laugh at the expense of corporate lawyers.

Aaaargh, Jedis!!!

As George Lucas throws his third installment of the once-epic Star Wars in our faces and geeks all over the world flock to the Multiplexes, “Episode III – Revenge of the Sithâ€? leaves us pondering some important questions.
One of them may be why on earth does half of the movie consist of scenes of starships landing and starting? That this may be the cause for serious boners for several sub-species of Star Wars fans is plausible, for the general audience it’s exactly as rewarding as most of the dialogue – not at all.
Nevertheless, let’s stop bashing Star Wars, as it seems quite en vogue these days. We’d rather like to present you a rare scene from the cutting room floor, that shows us what Darth Vader does between Episode III and IV. Now we at least know what makes Sith Lords so impressively evil: complete disregard of one’s self-image.

What Barry Says

“What Barry saysâ€? is a powerful animation film made by It’s a very dead on point movie about the political chaos engine and its strategy that came into play these days – including globalization, the many us led wars, modern fascism aka corporatism and the real players. Pure eyecandy with a very accurate description on what is going on.