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Wow! This Is Amazing…

Hello World, let me introduce you to the “Marble Machine”, built by Martin Molin. It is a music instrument that uses 2000 Marbles and is built out of wood, enabling him to play a Xylophone, a Bass Guitar and the Drums at once. Pretty genius! If you’re interested in knowing how he has built this machine, you can watch it here.

Martin Molin’s Homepage.

Buddha Trixie – “Real” (Official Video)

buddha trixie chromemusic

If you’re following my posts and actually read my sometimes too “diary-styled” thoughts about the music I am sharing with the world, you might know me well enough to understand why this post needs to be in my collection. Simply the words “Buddha”, “Real” plus a tasteful and creative video are enough to get my attention. Even better if the actual song makes fun as well :) Have fun watching this inspiring video below and show some love in supporting this likeable guys called “Buddha Trixie”, who do NOT surf rock music! ;)

Facebook ::: Soundcloud ::: Bandcamp

Aladdin Magic Carpet Prank [Video]

pD7mKiP - Imgur

As you may have seen, this guy was cruisin’ through New York city on a magic carpet some days ago. Hilarious idea and we really like that kind of stuff. Have fun and don’t miss to watch the “Behind the scenes” video beneath.

Original Video:

Behind the scenes: