YUM YUM NRW 3rd Anniversary Mixtape

YUM YUM 3rd Anniversary Mixtape

Now here is the promised mixtape (actually a cd) especially crafted for our 3rd anniversary in NRW. It covers a lot of my favorite tunes at the moment. Hope you all enjoy it.

[haiku url=”http://www.chromemusic.de/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/yum-yum-3rd-anniversary-mix.mp3″ title=”Title of audio file”¬†graphical=”true”]

YUM YUM 3rd Anniversary Mix

See the full tracklist below…

Download & Tracklist of the WeSC Superlative Mix by Chrome & Schowi +++ Party this Saturday Jan 31st @ Cafe King

The full CD gonna be handed out at the WeSC / Top Friend Party this Saturday @ Cafe King. Djs will be Chrome & Schowi. Expect more goodies from the WeSC folks. Starts early at 10pm and will be open till the real late hours. Me and Schowi are looking forward to playing together again. The mix will give you an idea what you can expect. Should be a good night, especially since Jhi, the guy running Cafe King, amped up his Soundsystem, to give it that special boom thats needed for a proper Top Friend night. Also since this is supposed to be the kick-off night for the Winter Ispo and we are dealing with the We guys, expect this to be a mad house – don’t worry though, all the snowboard kiddies should be hanging out at the other popular snwbrd parties. So come down and join us for a proper Top Friend Extravaganza.

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WeSC Mix part-1-chrome


WeSC Mix part-2-schowi

full tracklist:

Topfriend mix online

At our last Topfriend Party in Munich, two weeks ago, we were handing out the first hundred copies of Topfriend Mix #1, which was done by Schu and me. Now finally here it is for free download and I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I do. Watch out for the next Topfriend Party in January 2009 at Munich’s Registratur. More on that soon. Until then I recommend visiting the global warming party on friday which features brazil’s edu k and our TopFriends, N.Schiegl, DJ Raph and K.Augenring from the Schlachthofbronx boys, who did have some blog appearance lately.


Topfriend Mix #1


All I Can Do Is Love You Tour & Mix

We’re growing and growing and you might have noticed that there is a little tour called the ‘All I Can Do Is Love You” tour, featuring three cities in Germany in cooperation with K-Swiss. After the massive birthday and tour kick-off in Munich last week, there are two tourdates left for this week: Frankfurt and Berlin.

In Frankfurt this Friday YUM YUM will go down at Walden together with our well known residents Schu, Schowi and Chrome, plus a friend from Frankfurt: Julian Smith from the Live Demo crew.

Continuing on Saturday YUM YUM will be at Berlin’s favourite spot – Scala with local residents Schowi and Ben Mono together with Chrome and on the second floor we will have a 90s R&B/Soul party with good friends San Gabriel & Lilly Flip a.k.a. Candy Club.

The whole tour was the motivation for a new mix, done by Tand Williams and Not:fx, which we handed out already at the last two nights and which is now available as free download or as a podcast.


All I Can Do Is Love You Tour Mix


All YUM YUM Mixtapes back online

All YUM YUM mixtapes are online, menu > music > mixtapes or check them out as podcasts.

We have calculted how many people have been introduced to the YUM YUM sound via online mixes, Cds and the external dowonload a la zshare. The number is freightening (our last upload on zshare alone had a mad 80.000 combined downloads – and that was on an external wordpress page). An incredible number when you consider that this was one of the many ways we offered them. running strong after such a long time. Great – the YUM YUM set and sound is changing as is everything, to stay ahead of teh game while maintaing the same attitude – and that has always been niceness…

so enjoy the mixes – past and present – enjoy a cool beer and kick back peoples…