YUM YUM Top Tunes

Complete YUM YUM Mixtape Collection Vol 1 – 13

So, we finally did it! After many requests to have all our Mixtapes in good Audio quality (CD quality in WAVs, AIFs, 320 MP3s or even FLACs) we went back and remastered all 14 of them (there is a Vol 2 1/2 :) to bring them to you. Since the Mixtapes are all in CD quality  the files are about 500mb per Mixtape! The regular Mixtapes (128 kbit & about 50mb) are all still available For Free as always in our YUM YUM Mixtape section. Ps if you decide to download it make sure to get it as high quality mp3 (320 kbit) or elese it will clog up your space. Big files for them big tunes:)

Download the Complete YUM YUM Mixtape Collection on Chrome Music’s Bandcamp Mastered & in High Quality.

YUM YUM Top Tunes May… where no man has gone before

It’s May 2nd so here are this months Top Tunes. Long selection and you can listen to it all in one mix. Let spring and summer finally commence with those long summer nights.

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  • Ps – A lot of these tracks are free Downloads. All you have to do is follow the link to the according Soundcloud site and DL from the artist directly. And if that is asking too much in appreciation of the free music by the artists, MAYBE you should get into politics or banking. They can use people with that mindset! Just kidding. Enjoy this months Top Tunes. Selected by yours truly :)

YUM YUM | Version Pack | Twenty – 13 | Out Now! [12 Track Compilation]

A) Our latest yum yum reworks, edits, remixes, mashups, blends etc in a big pack. Essential yy tunes for early 2013. Get it here via our chromemusic bandcamp page. ps 12 more tunes coming in march. Enjoy the pack so far!

B) And if you want to stay up to date on whats going on make sure to peep us on our new yum yum soundcloud page which we started 3 months ago and that started growing steadily without us making a sound. Thank you for that. We are very blessed.

Hooray! It’s a spring thing! YUM YUM Top Tunes for March

right on time for beginning of the month and this weekends parties, not as voluminous as normally but its the quality that counts after all, right? ps 12 new YUM YUM tunes coming in march so stay tuned and make sure to check our new Bandcamp Page for downloads and of course get our YUM YUM version pack for early 2013 (12 tunes strong).

PS UPDATE! Since April 2013, we started putting out monthly Top Tunes online as One Big File, so you can listen to it as a stream. Enjoy

the Prince of Bel Air – YUM YUM Remix

I Run New York – Angel Haze | Rihanna (yum yum version)

Can we…_SWV  (Yum Yum Edit)

Cris Cab – Little Talks

The Weeknd “Twenty Eight” (Ianborg & Bronze Whale Bootleg)

“Lullabies” Yuna (Adventure Club Remix)

Katy Perry – Ni**as In Paris

Rihanna – Jump (Club Cheval Remix feat. Theophilus London)

Lorde – the Love Club

Michael Kiwanuka – Bones

Prince – Breakfast Can Wait

Teedra Moses – Be Your Girl (Kaytranada Edition)

Junip – Line of Fire

Ps*** Don’t forget to get our YUM YUM early 2013 Pack (Album) here via Bandcamp