YUM YUM Mixtapes

Door #16 : Sideways Vol 1 Mixtape – Mat McHugh mixed by Tommy Montana

In our Christmas Run down, here is a full mixtape, Tommy did, finding time out of his super busy schedule in recent days, to select his favourite Mat McHugh tunes and mixing them together with the tracks we recently released. As a short synopsis: we did a remix album with Mat, but it was a long back and forth betw us Major labels, insane offers and our general idea of not letting us being nailed down in terms of naming tracks, or even the act/artist himself. I still fully support our mindstate, but it was a loooong time in the making and cost us a lot time, nerves and other materialistic stuff. But that is out-of-the-way now, and we as a label, are finally running into our old form, after having eliminated and cut off the shackles of the corporate technocracy, So yeah, we are indy and that is the best state. Dig into Mats superb originals and our remixes from 2016 altogether that Tommy blended into a super sweet Mixtape (old school style). Enjoy Sideways Vol 1. The next mixes/tracks we do together will come out in a heartbeat. Below find a link to the Album – so make sure to get that and save it on Spotify, Apple, but no download gate or any of that nonsense. Good music will always find its way.

★ Mat McHugh meets the YUM YUMs Album – https://matmchughyy.lnk.to/MatMcHughYY

★ Mat McHugh on Spotify – https://spoti.fi/2S2PB6z

★ ChromeMusic on Spotify – https://spoti.fi/2StKBYi


Mat McHugh – Music
Mat McHugh – Over and over (Ring the Alarm)
Mat McHugh – More Money
Mat McHugh – Real Love
The Beautiful Girls – After All This Time
Mat McHugh – Go Don’t Stop
Mat McHugh – Under the Dancehall Lights
Mat McHugh – If You See my Heart
Mat McHugh meets The YumYums – Strange Days
Mat McHugh meets The YumYums – PFOS
Mat McHugh meets The YumYums – Sideways
Mat McHugh meets The YumYums – Loneliness (Sonnengruss Remix)
Mat McHugh meets The YumYums – Numb
Mat McHugh meets The YumYums – High Up
Mat McHugh meets The YumYums – All I Ever Wanted


Seaside Highlife meets The Yum Yum’s “A Pocket Full of Shells” + Live Shows in Germany & Holland


We have finally made a dream come true!

After deejaying and doing edits for a very long time, we (and i mean me, Timo, Tommy & Meskla) finally came up with the idea for a full length Album. We teamed up with our favourite songwriter: Mat McHugh the frontman of the Beautiful Girls, and re-created and re-imagined some of his songs to create something new, an amalgamation of electronic urban sounds with the organic soulful voice of Mat at the centre of it all. And it’s getting a full release later this year, until then we are playing a few gigs live and perfecting the music :) Until then expect a new song every month and the full album and the live shows will be like a YUM YUM Mixtape. Full of Enchantment & Magic!

We had our first song “High Up!” up on the ChromeMusic a few weeks ago, but had to take it down from the blog and from soundcloud etc,  bc it’s getting an official release early September. Well this is another favourite of ours. A very minimal approach to one of Mats most beautiful songs. Enjoy A Pocket Full of Shells.

Get your tickets here! bit.ly/2bbOX30
Sep 10 Timboektoe Beach, Velsen Noord, Netherlands
Sep 11 Knust, Hamburg, Germany (with Djs: Wolfskind, Chrome & Tommy Montana)
Sep 13 Musik & Frieden, Berlin, Germany (with Djs: Chrome, Schowi & Tommy Montana)
Sep 16 Paradiso Amsterdam, Netherlands
Sep 17 Down Under Beach Club, The Hague, Netherlands

WIN ! Awesome YUM YUM Classics Mix By Max Mausser (Free One Click Download)


In anticipation of this Fridays YUM YUM in munich (Nov 7th) Max delivered a new one !

Ever since Max started taking the lead with YUM YUM in Munich he promised to deliver a new Mixtape with every new party. So here it is, a brand new one, 59 minutes packed with plenty of classic YUM YUM material to lighten up the mood and infuse a little sunshine in your life. I guess this is what a wild summers dance sounds like, no matter what continent. This mixtape belongs to the beaches worldwide. You can argue summer sounds like reggae, moombah soul, hip hop, singalongs, some chillout and some singer songwriter is what summer sounds like… and i’d say yes to each and everyone of those styles, but it wouldn’t be YUM YUM if it wasn’t a mix and an elite selection of all those mentioned. So have fun and grab the One Click Free Download.

The Seven Latest YUM YUM Mixtapes As One Click Free Downloads ! Like It, Grab It!

As a little celebration and in anticipation of our upcoming YUM YUM Party in Munich next Saturday we have re-released some of our most recent Mixtapes as simple One Click Downloads. You like it, you grab it. Or get them all ;) Hope this will brighten up your day and maybe give you hours of joy & fun, as it did to us, when we were mixing, remixing and recording them. Enjoy and see you in a bit :)

YUM YUM Preheat Reggae Mix by Max Mausser:

YUM YUM Lover’s Mood mixed by Marki:

YUM YUM Summer Break mixed by Chrome:

YUM YUM Top Tunes Mix by Marki:

YUM YUM Classics Mix by Chris Burton:

A little YUM YUM Warmup Mix by Pretty Boy D-Nice:

Official YUM YUM Mixtape Vol 13 mixed by Chrome:

The Best Medicine Against Pre Winter Depression: YUM YUM Dancehall Mix by Max Mausser

yum yum mix max

The year is coming to its end. Slowly but surely. Leaves are falling down, the sun is getting tired by fighting against all this rainy clouds so we see her hardly. My granny would say: “there is no bad weather there is just bad clothes!” And she is so absofuckinglutely right. And here is the point, I am actually not complaining about the weather (the german national sport), i am just complaining about the consequences out of this situation. People are turning into couch potatoes (myself included) and grumpy cats. There is no life at the streets anymore, nobody takes a look to the sky and everyone is covering his couch potato shape with black, grey and black again.

But after all this grumpy cat talk here some good news: Our closest YUM YUM friend and DJ Max Mausser made the best medicine for all of us. 20 min YUM YUM sound, 20 min full of heat and beats to get up and move your lazy a** :) Enjoy the mix and join us next Saturday in Munich at our YUM YUM Party.

It’s All About Love & Happiness, Both Combined In One Hour Of Pure Pleasure. Lover’s Mood Arranged By Marki (Free DL)


There is something like the right time at the right place and i figured out that’s excatly what inspired me in doin this quick collection of joyful and laid back tunes. While sitting on the beach in Florianopolis, i had a feeling that had to be preserved forever and i think after listening to it for several times, it’s pretty close to that. So i hope it gets into your hearts and you will have a great time with your beloved ones or for your own, wherever you are right now. Lovely greetings to the world, Marki

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