After everyone was cheering this movie so much, here’s a roundup of all the Gifs i found and liked, mostly from IMGUR – The best page in the universe (sorry Maddox). Useful in your chats and conversations. Here we go:

1. Your Average Casual Friday…

2. The Crossroads.

3.  Wu-Tang, Wu-Tang!

4.  Classic…

5.  Meet The Rich And The Screwed.

6.  Cocaine, Hooray.. Hoo…

7. We Own The World!

8. Little Crybaby…

9. YOLO Or Whatever It Was Called In The 80ies.

10 – 14.  Made It Home Without A Scratch!

15.  Everybodys Reaction After The Movie Besides Yelling “AWESOME”!

16.  How The Rich Dispose Of Things (And People).

17 + 18.  Oh Leo, We Know You Want That Oscar.

19.  Did I Mention That Leo Will Do Anything For That Oscar?

20 + 21. Make It Rain!

22. Margot Robbie Is The Most Gorgeous Woman I Have Ever Seen.

23.  The Pool Orgy Everybody Freaked Out About.

24. The Only Complaint Everybody Had…

25. Di Caprios Weird Dance + The Guy In The Orange Pants.

Technincally 2 Gifs Weren’t From The Movie, So Here’s Our Final 2:

Intersting Fact: Google Searches For Ludes After The Movie.

google searches for ludes

PS. Still Waiting For The Prequel!

teen wolf of wall street

Ok time to wrap it up. Share the collection and see you soon with more Blackjack and Hookers!