#ChromeSelects: Sonnengruss


A few days ago Sonnengruss took us to the studio and we talked about his music and plans for the future. It was a very warm conversation between us and we are proud to have Tobias, the boy behind Sonnengruss, in our #ChromeSelects interview series.

About two months ago, you had your first live performance in Munich. How can you imagine it?

It was an incredible feeling for me, cause it was also the first live gig at all for me. Also I loved the audience, they have returned so much energy. As a singer, I had my girlfriend with me – we really harmonize well together. For the future, I can only say that there will be many more live shows from us!

Where did you learn your craft and how to work on the DJ-desk?

The DJing I have mostly taught myself. I have practiced daily and worked on my skills. Of course I also exchanged tips & tricks with other DJs. For the production I started at the end of 2013. Meanwhile I have a super team around me, with whom I make the whole project “Sonnengruss”. Without the team, we would not be there where we are now. 

There are more and more artists in your genre. What makes you different from them? How high is the pressure to develop the unique features?

I do not feel the pressure at all. Every artist is an enrichment. Through the way you produce, which sounds, synths and instruments you use, what musical background you have, and so on, I think everyone will sooner or later have a signature sound. If something sounds good and I like it, then I do it. And I think with Sonnengruss we´ve created something unique from the sound, which has not really existed so far. 

Nowadays there are so many big festivals all around the world. What’s your dream festival to play?

Well, everyone is always talking about Tomorrowland. Of course this is also one of the festivals for me where I want to play, but this is just my second one. My dream is to play in San Diego at the CRSSD Festival. I know the festival for a very long time, always following the live streams, videos and pictures. The location is so unique to me and that is also the reason for me that I want to hang out there for a set. 

We are sitting here with you in the studio and listend to one of your upcoming tracks. Moreover we read on your Facebook page that you have a lot of more new songs in the pipeline. When can we expect? 

Yes, thats true, we were very diligent the last weeks. There are so many new songs coming out! The first one (you have listend to) is coming very very soon. All our other productions too – therefor we’ll announce more shortly. I can hardly wait to show it to all of you! 

Last question – Are there any fixed plans for the future?

First, thanks for the warm interview. It gave me great pleasure to talk with you about my music. To return to the question. We don’t have fixed plans at the moment. We are looking forward to our releases now and then we will see where the journey will lead us. Of course, I hope that there will be a big tour next year!


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#ChromeSelects: KYTES



KYTES is gonna leave you with a good feelin’. “I Got Something” is their new single that has been on repeat in our earbuds. With a distinct pattern throughout, this single is destined for some radio play.

We got the opportunity to sit down with these four gentlemen of the road and grilled them about touring, their new single, and eating in the US.

1) How did you link up with Robert Koch?

We first linked up via our label and publisher. They connected us. We then met Robert at SXSW. We played at the same venue and really enjoyed his set.

During SXSW, we hung out a lot and had some great conversations, he’s such a chill guy!

2) You are all about to go on tour in Germany, what has previous tour experiences taught you? How do you all prepare for a multi-month tour?

We played our first tour in October / November 2015, touring is definitely one of the coolest things you get to do as a band. Playing our own songs in front of all these different people night after night is just great. It’s the reason why we do music.

Touring taught us to always play with 100% energy – no matter if it’s in front of 1,000 people or 10.

Being on the road for a long time can be a little rough, it helps a lot that we’re not only band members but best friends. Preparing for a multi month tour is rehearsing a lot obviously, we are also adjusted our live-set for our upcoming tour. We’re really stoked about bringing our own stage setting for the festivals this summer.

We had the chance to work with this really cool dude, called Clemens von Löffelholz who will design human sized KYTES letters and unique colour banners.

3) Where does your inspiration come from in writing and composing a song?

Inspiration comes in a lot of different ways. Of course it’s music in general and artists we love.

We like to mix inspirations out of different genres. So, for example, we have this verse which is pretty indie and for the chorus we think: “Ok how would Major Lazer do this chorus?”

It’s fun to blend genres and to break musical boundaries.

Lyrics wise, it’s lots of stuff we experience ourselves, stories, poems, fantasies and dreams.

4) What should we be listening to?

Foals – Rain
Röyksopp – So Easy
Mura Masa – Lovesick
Little Comets – Bridge Burn
Yates – Mercury
Woman – Psychedelic Lover
M83 – Bibi The Dog 

5) What was it like to play at SXSW? A bigger question remains – what food did you enjoy and what are you looking forward to eating again when back in the US? Any plans to come back and play here? 

We definitely want to come back as soon as possible! Playing at SXSW was great, the people were really into new music. At our last showcase, at Esther’s Follies, people began to dance after our first song and danced through the entire show, it was magical!


We experienced the best Thai food ever in LA at the Night Market in West Hollywood. We have to come back if it’s only for the food!

The same with Sushi in San Diego. And we had an amazing burger at Hodads in San Diego. Also some really great Mexican Food!!!

6) What are a couple singles we should be on the look-out when the album comes out? 

Of course, our current single “I Got Something.”

Also a brand new track called “Head To Toe.” We’re really looking forward to the feedback, the songs all have their own style in a way and we can’t predict which songs are going to be your favourites.

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#ChromeSelects: The Chainsmokers

chainsmokers interview chromemusic

1) Hey Alex, Hey Drew – it is a honour for us to have this interview with you. Could you both introduce yourself shortly?

Well I am Alex, I wear glasses and I am from New York. – I am Drew and I have nice hair and I am from Maine.

2) Tell us your best moment of the year 2015 and what are you looking forward in 2016?

There were so many great moments to be honest, it’s very hard to pick just one, but playing Lollapalooza Festival and dropping Roses there comes to mind as one of our favorites. That and when Justin Bieber came out to our Shrine show in LA and did a few songs together!

For 2016, hmmmm coachella is going to be really exciting and our Red Rocks show, but we just have a ton of music ready now that we are really excited about!

3) Will you have some spare time in Munich before or after the show to discover the traditional & unique culture?

We better! We are obsessed with Schnitzel so we want as much of that as we can. We need a good tour guide though!

4) Give us some hint at any future project or collaboration that are in the works? – only if you can of course!

Hahah nice try, but we can say that Drew is singing on a bunch of the new stuff which is really exciting for us! We cant wait to hear what people think!

5) Who are your favorite 5 upcoming artists & tracks/productions at the moment?

Oh Wonder, Long Kings, Armnhmr, Rozes and Quinn XCII

6) As last question – What is your favorite food?

When we are in Germany, Schnitzel baby!!!

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#ChromeSelects: Niklas Ibach


Ibach, kid of ’94, sounds like an extravagant but never overbearing conductor, giving way to classic instruments, leaving the vocals to dance. His persistent tempo throughout each track created something smooth, each lined with their signature production.

1) It seems you draw on horns, flutes, classical instruments for your sound. Can you tell me where this muse comes from?

I think my penchant for classic instruments comes from my diverse but mainly classic-based music education. I started to visit the opera when I was young and also had a conservative and strict piano training with a Russian teacher. When I was about fifteen years old, I discovered electronic music, but my interest in classical music or jazz never reduced.

2) “Lessons of Harmony.” What goes into each mix? How do you decide what makes the cut?

Generally the sets have a totally different atmosphere. I think my journeys through different seasons and phases have a big influence on my emotions. Mostly, I pick one track which accompanies me for a longer life as my main track. The rest is just building my complete set on this track and the mood it spreads.

3) In an interview with Soundspace in January you predicted Sam Feldt would make waves and he has. Who else should we be listening to?

Yes, I remember it. I’m so happy for Sam that it all worked so good for him. I guess next time you people should listen to my prophecies. ;)

4) How did it feel to appear on a talk show? Nervous? Did you have your answers prepared?

It felt so unreal. Actually, I’m not the person who enjoys standing in the focus. On the other hand, it is exciting and I felt a bit honored, of course. But yes, I was nervous and I still am at bigger shows like this. No, unfortunately I did not know the questions before.

5) What set or set(s) stood out to you at ADE?

It is a pity that I had no time to hear one single set. I arrived only on Saturday in Amsterdam because I had a gig the night before. On Sunday morning was my flight back.

6) Pre-performance meal?

For me, the best performance-meal is a dinner with the organizers or other artists. But not too early though, I prefer to go directly from the dinner to the show. A bottle of wine should not be missed, of course! ;)

7) It seems your music can pick up speed and slow down while keeping the same tempo throughout. How do you structure a song so it says in balance?

You listened attentive, my lessons have constantly the same bpm. I do not even know exactly, I go by my feelings, subjectively, which rhythms and harmonies match together.

#ChromeSelects: Leex

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 10.40.48 AM

The smooth musings of Tropical House. We closed our eyes and where immersed in the heart of summer. This time around we went one on one with young Leex, who is making quite a name for himself.

1) Pre-performance meal?

Definitely Chinese or Italian food. Otherwise a beefsteak is awesome too.

2) What do you like most about Tropical House?

The best thing about Tropical House is the good-feeling atmosphere. It’s a whole new arrangement in House Music. The love about Tropical House music is endless. The feeling, the sound, the atmosphere, I love everything about it! Also love the way Tropical House is made.

3) Who should we be listening to?

You should listen to LYAR, LVNDSCAPE, Alex Adair, Deepend, Eklo, Le P, Tep No, Mahama, Bergs, Samuraii, Thero & the whole Tanz Dich Glücklich-Sqaud!

4) Last year, you choose a real throw-back with the “Where Is The Love” remix. How did you chose that song?

I thought about my favorite childhood songs! The first song in my mind was “Big City Life” by Mattafix. Really awesome song with a important message and Marlon Roudette’s voice is just incredible. The second song was “Where is the Love” by Black Eyed Peas, a beautiful song with an important message too.

5) Stemming off my last question, how do you select the lucky songs that get the Leex remix treatment?

The original songs should have a really powerful melodic refrain with an awesome singer to bring that tropical atmosphere to the limit.

6) Favorite venue to play?

Well, definitely outdoor at a sea or beach when the sun is shining :)

7) Favorite 90’s band?

The Prodigy.

8) Do all the Tropical House DJ’s combine heads for new ideas? Do you, Thomas Jack, Kygo, ever talk about what’s on the horizon for this genre?

I am very optimistic about the future. Every producer has their own way to produce Tropical House. Many producers (me included) experiment with Tropical House elements in different genres. This genre will definitely change with the times and incorporate other elements into itself but I think there will always be people who will support the genre. In my opinion, it’s just the beginning of something that will exist for a long time. Be prepared!


#ChromeSelects: Alex Brandt


Alex Brandt is part of the next radio show # 9 and host of this saturday’s ChromeMusic Night at Miao.

1) What’s behind the name Alex Brandt?
Alex Brandt is a guy that started to switch from producing Hip-Hop to House music a few years ago on a drunk and sunny saturday afternoon, while dancing on a festival on the first really hot day that year, listening to one special Stefan Biniak bootleg.

2) Can you explain what your genre of House music is?
I hate thinking in genres… It also depends on the song!
The music I’m producing and deejaying is really melodic, bouncy, around 120 bpm and on point! I don’t like 14 different synths and instruments being played at the same time. You have to keep it simple! So if you listen to one of my mixes you will dance to deep house, melodic house, tropical house and nu-disco. Really easy, isn’t it? :P

3) What’s your dream festival to play?
Hm… You want me to say something like “Tomorrowland” now, but naaah…Somewhere at the beach (lake or sea), 27 degrees, no clouds, when the sun goes down, on a stage that’s not too big so the sound is good everywhere :)

4) What kind of personal routine is important to you?
I’m a real chaotic guy… So I do whatever I want, whenever I want. :D Just kidding, but I’m not really into having certain routines that need to be done the same time everyday, in the right order.

5) What artists do you draw on for your influence?
Well, this will be a long list. There are of course those guys making deep house music i really dig, but it won’t be fair to name a few without the others. Every kind of music I listen to influences me. Doesn’t matter if it’s Jazz, Blues, Rock, House or Rap. So it would really be a long list! :P

6) Five artists you follow on spotify, soundcloud, hypem, facebook, instagram (can bew anything from a drug guru to a yoga instructor)
Seth MacFarlane, Jay Freestyle, Marsimoto, Jan Boehmermann, Gunnar Lott

7) Which song do you sing under the shower when nobody can hear you?
The rap part of TLC’s Waterfalls ;)

8) What do you eat before a performance?
Usually Burgers. I don’t know exactly why. It’s always like “Hey! Let’s grab some food before going to the club! There’s some burger place. Let’s eat there!”…Ok, I think it’s because I love burgers! :)

9) What should we be listening to?
I don’t like people that only listen to one certain music genre. So if you want an advice: There’s a lot of good music out there. Listen to more different genres! You can’t listen to trap when you’re sad! :D

10) 3 Movies and 3 Songs that describe your life so far?
That’s a hard question referring to the movies. I have not that really special life. If movies would show that, no one would watch it. So my movies are Pineapple Express, Sin City and Lion King, but only 50% of the action! ;)
Now the songs: “The Space Between Us” by Dominik Eulberg & Gabriel Ananda, the Finnebassen Edit of “Nightshift”, and “Hydrogen” by M.O.O.N.

11) What is a singer, male or female, you would like to collaborate with?
I would love to produce a song with Labrinth. I love his voice. Especially his head voice!