No Dogs Allowed!

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ChromeMusic or in particular me took a sabbatical, if u can call it that… Well, anyways i was gone for a while, dug deep, and rethought what i wanted to do. Having deejayed for the longest and packed even the biggest venues and having built the YUM YUM party series straight from the gut and out of instinct everybody insisted on managing me, but never understood what this thing was/is about… so i was reevaluating the times and checking for new things until everything fell into piece… more like everything came together in peace.

We started a brand new label, which is probably one of a kind, just telling from the way it works and how beneficial it truly is for everyone involved from the artists, to the managers to the designers and programmers. Its something that i am proud of and its gonna take ages for anyone to copy that, since its pretty much dependent on insight and knowledge that is simply not out there for the grabbing… and we are just starting out. But that’s another post for another time…

Well anyways i met an old friend, we got into talking and i realized how much i missed playing in venues for the sake of it, not for the corporate aim or for the social recognition (on a self value scale it’s actually the same jerk off… He offered to open up something of an improvised, non-designed, handcrafted, non-posh, venue with me and since i am labelwise and blogwise (as u can see) heavily involved into music, artists and live acts and all that ‘shite’, it just made sense.


SO – HERE’s the Thing:

ChromeMusic & Gomma Records go way back. In particular me & Munk. He even made me play at his earliest parties, way before the Gomma label and before i buggered off to the UK in the 90ies. And even in the fantastic cult club and best Munich club ever “Erste Liga” (ONLY THE RED ONE) we both were residents, he did his always packed Thursdays night with his melodic journeys and wide arrays of partners, while i held the Fridays spot and my mix of sonic enchantment (ha!). Both those night + the club were groundbreaking, created a before non-existing scene which still lives on in every still cool spot in town and was simply awesome! Mind you… AWESOME! So, you’re looking for the best tablet for musicians you can load up with all the music making apps you can shake a stick at? Yes, it’s possible.

Ps whatever club opened after that, it never had the same social/musical and cultural impact of that venue, it was always just feeding offa that spot. After Munk & good buddy Søren did the Ruby Bar together for a year and a half, the only other venue, to stay in recent memory, and me doing a buttload of offlocations in the previous years and thus creating half of the nowadays active array of djs in this longitude and latitude, i guess it was a no-brainer that we had to get back together! I mean literally – no brain ! We clicked as we always do  and were more or less speechless that we never even considered crossing paths.

Well we are now…

MIAO is just meant to be a nice, red-lightish pop up venue for a mere 3 months and we tend to get all our buddies down to play with us and move something. We are both happy that it turned out to be THAT venue, an old arabic cultural meeting point (always has a negative sidenote, doesnt it?), that is finally located outside of the Glockenbach Viertel, the formerly hip area of Munich. So i guess we had to move, and no part of town, says urban and mundane louder that the spot between Hauptbahnhof and Maxvorstadt. Right next to a former place called “Boobs”! See what i mean?


miao bar munich chromemusic 2

We just turned the whole spot into a venue that our designers (not talking Photoshop, i am talking spray cans!) started calling MIAO. So the name was another no-brainer. And being a digital native myself, who in the world wants to argue against cats?

Ok, so here’s the bullet points:

  • MIAO is gonna be open on Fridays & Saturdays from 10pm-5am.
  • A nice gallery is part of the venue and Artist Martin Fengel will be hosting a new Vernissage every 2 weeks with changing exhibits and artists.
  • FRIDAYS run by the Gomma Gang and Ruby Bar residents: Munk, Manuel Kim, Max Josef, Marvin & Valentino, Moritz Butchek of two-in-a-row fame (the only other Munich blog i recognize as a blog ;) and many international friends, buddies & guests
  • SATURDAYS is run by ChromeMusic & Friends: So me, Chrome, long time partner and Dj romancier Jean-Christophe “Schowi” Ritter, FEAST (Lichtdicht Rec/Milky Chance label) and a lot of friend and buddies like local hero Sepalot, yumyum partner Max Mausser, FM4 legend Beware and many more guests & buds.
  • The venue will be run by Søren & Pino, same guys as Ruby Bar and long time partners.
  • The doormen will be an old school vamp from the days of the Erste Liga
  • A couple of great new bands are gonna play their first acoustic Live sets like the rising Lions Head, hopefully James Hersey, The Capitols and so forth… but that’s another story still tba
  • Adress: Dachauerstrasse 14 (right across Cafe Kosmos)

And if u ask us about the music policy. Well, you must be new in town….