1st official YUM YUM – this Friday


-1(2).jpgLooking forward to our very first official YUM YUM night at Registratur, this Friday September 7th. We checked out the Soundsystem and the “feel” of the room at last months unannounced party- now that Registratur is redesigned. The new YUM YUM Mixtape and the old (missing mixtape) from last spring wil be handed out in our partnershops, starting Monday 24th and on Friday 21st at this Septembers 2nd YUM YUM. (That is YUM YUM Vol 5 & Vol 6). Meaning -yes.. we are finally bi-weekly again.

Ps Come back this Wednesday for our latest YUM YUM top tunes selection for September. Nuff said. We are looking forward to the nicest dance around..