A little hint for tonights top notch party


familyreunionsmall.jpg Tonights Best party should easily be “Family Reunion” (this Friday down at Registratur) featuring some of the most outstanding guys of our little YUM YUM family. Most of them have been playing next door quite often and now they share the main room. Old friends- the Roots Rockers and die-hard Freez (as his alter ego Bastard Fritz). Especially worth mentioning is my close and personal friend and Headliner Tand Williams who is running YUM YUM in NRW. Go check him out and of course all of them fellas. Should be a hell of a night and worth a lasting visit.
Not exactly a YUM YUM night and not run by us but nevertheless the line up and of course Tand Williams or any other dj should be worth the fee and/or a guarantee for a massive dance. Come early – leave early in the morning. Cause that’s what we are gonna do. See you in a bit..