Amp Soul – a personal concern

On other news, i heard that Amp Soul got into a whole lot of trouble after the promoter
quit his job without making it unmistakably clear that this doesn’t change a bit in the actions and future plans of Amp Soul, which will go on without him and actually became my favourite party in this city. I got a hand down promise from the responsibles at Registratur that the work with Amp Soul aka the Djs Roland Arnoldt and Jay Scarlett will definitely continue.This is a confusing change in action and i hope that all parties concerned will talk to each other -to clear that all up or see at last where they stand. Just a quick note to my friends and colleagues:”Eventually there are not nearly enough people in this city with regard and especially respect for what one does – and the only way to gain that is by not letting pride stand in your way and continously work on an idea that at least the people who respect you, support you on.”It’s not for nothing that this became my favourite musical night out – keep on and you will shine.