Bush Administration News & Echoes of 9/11


bushprayer.jpgWith yesterdays plane crash in N.Y.C. on the 11th of October (not Sept) 9/11 is fearfully remembered, shortly before the midterm election which, according to the polls, the hijacked republican party will lose, due to the unhuman reign of the neocon elite within and surrounding the Bush Administration. Extreme Times need extreme News.

bushpolitics.jpg– the ongoing Gestapo methods of Vicepresident Dick Cheney

– here is the full story
– A funny Fox spin how this planecrash could affect the elections.

dcheney.jpg– Jon Stewart – What is the Presidents job?

– Msnbcs Keith Olbermanns special comment on the Presidents lies.
Careful Keith or you might just win a trip down to Guantanamo.