Important!!! Our music Player works on every Browser (Chrome, Safari, IE, iphone, ipad) except the new Firefox update


— Our player is working perfectly on every browser so far (Google Chrome, IE, Safari, All the other Firefox Versions, Opera etc) and on the iphone & the ipad, but not on the latest version of Firefox 5.0. We are hoping that Firefox or Haiku will fix that bug soon! Until then pls use Chrome (best browser at present), Safari (also much better than Firefox), Opera (my favourite Browser) or the Internet Explorer. Firefox these days is what the IE used to be many years ago. Slow, crashfriendly & too big to maneuver.

Download Google Chrome Browser / Download Safari Browser /

Here is a word of advice: When browsing the net you have to get used to changing your systems as often as possible and dont get to attached to anything for too long. Since Firefox is the most used browser these days it means its time to change. As always: as soon as something becomes too big its time to change. When it becomes fat and heavy and has too many functions & versatility, its primary function becomes very limited (imagine eating a steak with a swiss army knife) and thats where a new, faster, smaller, more free challenger enters the field. Just as it was with the Internet Explorer before or just as it is with Facebook and Google+ today. You can of course keep both, i use multiple Browsers, multiple networks. Its not too much, if you simply dont care about it too much.

These things are just tools. Its like Spoons, Forks & Knifes – you take which ones needed & appropriate at the moment. Don’t get attached to anything. Everything is impermanent.