jazzy_jeff_2_350_350x300(2).jpgWhat more can one say about this fella, but that he used to be the finest Hip Hop dj in the 80ies. Already transforming and cutting up tracks before it became fashionable and fellas knew about it. He was also responsible for some of the earliest Hip Hop classics along his partner the fresh prince, and also supporting the entire modern deejay movement as well as the entire neo-soul crowd. BUT SOMEHOW: I just cant get that picture out of my head of Uncle Phil throwing “Jazz” out of the Banks mansion (on fresh Prince of Bel Air).
Enjoy his set – he is said to be extremly versatile and is on tour promoting his latest release.
PS: We will send out a YUM YUM NEWSLETTER GIVING AWAY 10 FREE TICKETS FOR THE SHOW THIS AFTERNOON. Just get back at us and we will sign you up.
Jazzy Jeff playing live @ Registratur – this Thursday April 12th (meaning tomorrow) 11pm.