new YUM YUM Munich this Saturday @ Puerto Giesing!


A brandnew YUM YUM Munich this saturday, April 17th @ Puerto Giesing, which is an old Hertie deparment store that is abandoned and open for artsy & cultural stuff (exhibitions, young designers and the likes). Kicking it off is once more the YUM YUM set & sound – and bringing you the latest YUM YUM tunes & feel good vibes this Saturday are – Djs Chrome, Not:fx & Max Mausser on the Main Floor. The 2nd floor will be run by my good friend and buddy Peshay from London/Uk (thats United Kingdom not Ukraine;-) & my matey Motive from the “too much fun crew”.  You will be blown away by the location and the effort put into this venue – besides how often do you get to party in a Hertie/ department store on multiple Floors?

RSVP to YUM YUM on Facebook. Really looking forward to this massive dance.

This Saturday YUM YUM Munich @ Puerto Giesing – Tegernseerlandstr 64, you know the place.

ps. YUM YUM is a monthly venue even though we didnt do a date in march – bc we all went on vacation together – we had 2 dates in february – to make up for march. Hope that did somehow compensate for the cold month. Ps hope you have checked out our latest YUM YUM Top Tunes April. Plus expect me to play this new Talib Kweli tune at least twice LOL. Anyway, see you saturday this ones gonna be massive…