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This Saturday: D&B is coming home

Besides all of us watching an all German Champions League final this Saturday together this is another dream that has been long in the making. I haven’t played d&b in a club in soemthing like 12 years. And with all these amazing d&b tune popping out of nowhere i think that music i about to make a huge comeback. With the people being sensibilzed by trap music a lot of dubstep, i see more and more people on the floor longing for proper uptempo music with a drive and force behind it and cheering it to the fullest when a d&b tune drops. Pretty much everywhere i go i see the same scenario – you drop a d&b tune and the crowds in a frenzy. But not those d&b tunes that we came to know as the iconica d&b tunes, but the more musical ones send people on the brink of losing it and the sheer one two step behind it that keeps the dance going plus there is and always has been a drop for the kids :) I think d&b finds the ableton aesthetics of today this could very well be the next new/old thing. And when that happens I hope the marketers and mangers find another new name for the same thing to bore me even more. Ps Until then this Saturday i’ll team up with one of the greats and a man that has made proper musical history. Ps here is a little recent roundup of Peshay & here is the RSVP.

PS that night is gonna be wild, save for the football alone :)


This is my jam of jams, right about now! Musical mastermind Peshay sent this heavy, heavy tune through 1-2 weeks ago and i have been killing it ever since. This is proper Uk style d&b (pardon me – London sound), released on V-recordings beginning of march – so a brand spanking new release with no expiry date (the whole ep is a killer btw). A welcome switchup to the downtempo madness of today – no wonder dubstep prducers look up to these pioneers that paved the way for no-nonsense producers of non-conformist sounds that become the trademark of the Uk Dance scene, despite the fact that them major labels and a&r’s tried to sell us all this pop band shit back in the 90’s (as well). Funkster mixes really well with whatevers on your plate before, since it belittles every other tune (like ivan drago did apollo) and leaves you craving for more. An uplifting tune that hits the floor really hard and that has a punch to match. No noise, pure feel good vibes written all over this one – deservedly called Funkster! Ps Get the Ep and check out track #6 called “Together”, which had people jumping around in a frenzy last saturday.

Ps @Vanessa, since i know you’re stalking me : High heels + going apeshit = bad combination! lol… and you should feel bad….hahahaha

Peshay on Soundcloud ||| Facebook ||| Get the Funkster Ep right hurrr

On a sidenote: The man did the best, and up to this date still enjoyable version, of Adele’s Rolling in the deep a few years back, besides the many game changing records he released throughout the years (but that’s another story). Just for fun and made a proper, proper late night funk tune for the floor – just ask anyone who knows how to really  move the crowd w/o premeditated sets and peer effect chasing sets. Believe you me, i see your girl on the floor. Completely ignoring the pop appeal of 2011’s biggest tune, its catchy vocals and going in in for the kill with that heavy, heavy funk and Adele incorporated and warped up in the sound. Someone knows how to fucking produce. Here is his take on Adeles “Rolling in the deep“. I guess i’m through with the ass kissing.

new YUM YUM Munich this Saturday @ Puerto Giesing!

A brandnew YUM YUM Munich this saturday, April 17th @ Puerto Giesing, which is an old Hertie deparment store that is abandoned and open for artsy & cultural stuff (exhibitions, young designers and the likes). Kicking it off is once more the YUM YUM set & sound – and bringing you the latest YUM YUM tunes & feel good vibes this Saturday are – Djs Chrome, Not:fx & Max Mausser on the Main Floor. The 2nd floor will be run by my good friend and buddy Peshay from London/Uk (thats United Kingdom not Ukraine;-) & my matey Motive from the “too much fun crew”.  You will be blown away by the location and the effort put into this venue – besides how often do you get to party in a Hertie/ department store on multiple Floors?

RSVP to YUM YUM on Facebook. Really looking forward to this massive dance.

This Saturday YUM YUM Munich @ Puerto Giesing – Tegernseerlandstr 64, you know the place.

ps. YUM YUM is a monthly venue even though we didnt do a date in march – bc we all went on vacation together – we had 2 dates in february – to make up for march. Hope that did somehow compensate for the cold month. Ps hope you have checked out our latest YUM YUM Top Tunes April. Plus expect me to play this new Talib Kweli tune at least twice LOL. Anyway, see you saturday this ones gonna be massive…



YUM YUM Berlin – this friday, march 27th @ Scala

“Now here’s a funky introduction of how nice i am,

tell your mother, tell your father, send a telegram…â€?

After Februaries killer YUM YUM in Berlin its time for another roundup of the finest.

This Friday March 27th we’ll throw a huge YUM YUM in Berlin @ Scala, in case you have forgotten how huge the last one was – we can still recall people smiling at the end of the night, instead of being just wasted, with even the bartenders going APE SHIT all night long. Djs for that night will be Chrome, Passion & Special Guest: Peshay with an all-exclusive non-drum-n-bass-set!!. (think top friend) along Mc Motive & a special warmup by Robot Koch of Jahcoozi fame. The 1st floor will be the 1-year anniversary of the Candy Club, hosted by San Gabriel, Lilly Flip & my man Keaton, hailing from London. All that and more hosted by YUM YUM Berlin mastermind Schowi who seems to be holding down all of Berlin recently. Here is the link -  to the Party on Facebook: YUM YUM Berlin Friday march 27th and of course the Facebook YUM YUM Berlin Group which still has to grow… Anyway you are in for a major treat, so see you this Friday at Scala @ a very, very massive YUM YUM in Berlin @ Scala. Please make sure to show up early..

a.) This is where you’ll find Scala – Friedrichstr 112 – Berlin Mitte. Scala on Google Maps

b.) some of our favourite tunes right now:


ill-kill-her-not_fx-kill-the-bitch-YUM YUM remix





c.) Full german description here – bitte hier umblättern…