New YUM YUM Party this Friday in Munich


2248592706_25f04f6514_o.jpgYes, its the 1st of September now which means its time for a new YUM YUM this Friday (sept 5th), as well as our new September top tunes selection, which will be online this Friday, maybe even by Thursday, but Schu and me are just putting on some finishing touches on a new version that we might even release officially. But more on that in the next few days, when we definitely know ourselves.

This Fridays Djs will be Chrome (who had to pause due to a heavy accident) / Not:Fx (who was on vacation) and Schu (who is just shaking off his asiatic flu…hehe). We are in for a full YUM YUM with all new versions and material that i have been craving to play for the last weeks but couldn’t. Ps September will also see the first YUM YUM exhibition at Amen (Müllerstr/ Corneliusstr) on Thursday 18th. Area 2 will be run by Ben Jammin and his singin co-host.
PS!!! – Recheck all the new music and do not forget to participate in our Oasis Rmx competition!!! You still have time left..