new YUM YUM this Friday


Finally after a three week break its back on this Friday,

YUM YUM in munich @ Registratur on June 6th with Djs Chrome, Schu, Max & Lne

Bild 21.png.

I have just been up and down the country with an entourage strong as &$&§” – all family. Hooked up with Hannibal, Schowi, Palina, Gabe, Emily, Thompson, Ben Mono, Polly, and the rest of the clout in Berlin. Just laying out the groundrules, brainstoming and planing out “Top Friends”, which is gonna be THE next thing, plus YUM YUM in Berlin which finally makes sense with two resident djs that got all that it takes and then some… Next stop was Leipzig, then off to Hamburg where i ran into Schowi & Palina on the train, on my way to hook up with Ole, Daisy & Tand Williams (ps this was an excellent drinkfest). And then we ended up in Hannover on some posh wanna be mega ball. At least we had a nifty ball – thus making the 2000+ strong, all fancy dressed up crowd bearable…

And after bouncing up and down the country ill be back home and i cant wait to get my fingers on the turntables this Friday. Its gonna be hard trying to make me take a break from playing. Really looking forward to it. With an excellent lineup and plenty of new material. On that note: the new YUM YUM top tunes selection will be posted on Wednesday.

PS Rolling with the Posse is the only way to go!!!

Boogie Down Berlin from left to right: Hanni, Polly, Palina, Schowi, Ben Mono, Brane & good old me…