Next YUM YUM in Munich – August 22nd


Bild 1.pngThis one is gonna be a biggie. If you have been at any of the last YUM YUM parties in munich you know whats up. There is a huge crowd of of singing folks there with smiley faces all over the pace. The atmosphere is just going through the roof. Nice to see that we picked up where we left you some time ago, before we were experimenting a bit (too much). The all new YUM YUM sound makes the room spin and leaves the crowd in a frenzy.

So remember – next YUM YUM not this week but next week on the 22nd of August. Djs will be Schu, Tand Williams, Not:fx & Max Mausser. So almost the entire YUM YUM massive & clout. Expect a huge Mid summer Dance.

Ps.Once again please excuse us for the delay of the monthly top tunes but i had an accident and the others simply didnt compile them and put them online for you – the faithful reader. Check them out here.