outstanding YUM YUM last Friday


Amazing YUM YUM last Friday. Great night even though sweat was steadily dropping off my chin, nose onto my plates. But from the sheer look of it i wasn’t the only one sweating inside. At least you people had a chance of switching back and forth between the main area, our open area (finally) and even the second area, where La Boutique and N. Schiegl were running the sound politics. It was a pure primer somewhere between D & B, Grime and almost any infectious new UK Sound.
In the Main area the night slowed down at about 5 a.m. in the morning. Amazing you people were holding it down for so long it must have been exhausting but at the same time it was a real dance, with sweating bodies, pumping basslines and plenty of new YUM YUM Sound. We’ve seen you go nuts to those new tunes. Everybody lost about 5 pounds after the dance. It was a pleasure, the entire night although that one turntable started acting up again. Whatever.. Boy, after such a night i am really looking forward for the upcoming YUM YUM on Friday August 4th. The two week wait will be worth it. Trust me, mad new tunes are being hooked up at present.
We all had a major blast.
Thanks for making it mine..
Ps. this Saturday Rewind!1991 is on, a great party that is self-explantory if you
look up the websitefull of retro music videos from 1991 that bring back the good old days,or check the truly dedicated Rewind!1991 Poster. See you there + More infos to come.
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