Award Tour-www.jpgSeems like everybodys going up the walls and halfway crazy for the Mtv Awards coming down to our litte village. Do not forget: These are the very same people who keep on talking about underground and other bizarre artifacts of the 90ies. Well in case you were wondering what we were up to the night before the EMAs. Hands down, we are throwing a party, next Wednesday @ Registratur. The quick fill-in: Its a joint venture of YUM YUM, Live DEMO, couple of Artists, a Music Label and Nike. Nike? Yes them, my feet like their shoes and my basketball-playing hips dig their shorts.

It’s gonna be called “AWARD TOUR reminiscent of that old ATCQ tune, also implying what the music will be. The roster is gonna be the following: San Gabriel (from Live DEMO), the Beathoaevenz, Kurtis Blow live, Mirko Machine on the turntables and Chrome (thats me). More than enough for one night but hey, there are even more people supposed too be playing and performing (and i mean global A-list kinda guys) but i am not supposed to give it away – or put them on a Flyer. And thats why the Flyer looks like this- I’d say lovely but that’s up to you to say.

And with that said here one of my favourite tunes at present: Amy Wino – Valerie (Baby J Remix) – She’s like the Sid Vicious of the Pop World. Great tune and we are pumping it primetime at YUM YUM and surely @ the Award Tour. So catch you next Wednesday – with Thursdays being a holiday so like Hannibal from the A-Team: “I love it when a plan comes into play”.