Rewind! 1991 Party this Saturday July 29th. / Classic material

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Attention earth people, helpermonkeys and folks of universal tongues such as headnodding, busting moves and sippin sizzer… Rewind! will touch down again this Saturday. This became my favourite party concept, not because i’m involved but because i get to hear hip hop music we all grew up on without any of the modern monkey clichees that turn me off – and make me allergic to most of todays stuff. Here’s the Flyer once more. Really dig the entire design, plus 1991 was one of the most inspirational years in hip hop music. Check out the playlist – (i actually dug up all these tunes) and the videos of this year charts bring back some serious memories (just check No. 3, #10, #18, #19, #24) ps. my fave dj youngster max is playing and Torni who used to run things with “led the rhythem hit ya” – his continous & legendary party that took place and had its prime between 92 and 99. Good to see him back after so many people never payed dues and gave back to the guy who’s been featuring them on his weekly parties and made them who they are. Blah, blah, blah … enough jibberish, this is about historic music that set the path for all of todays musicians, artists and inspired an entire generation. Classic material:
Facts – Rewind! 1991 Saturday July 29th, at Zerwirk (yes – re-opening) / 23h

Could be damn hot saturday, so the air-conditionig should mellow up the entire dance.