Streaming Video Documentaries – VERY BEST SITE IN A LONG TIME!


845613164_922819.jpgDedroidification has lots and lots of links to streaming video documentaries. Like it says in the first line of this site “turn off your tv sets” and watch documentaries from/ with and about Carl Jung/ Carlos Castaneda/ Deepak Chopra/ Terrence McKenna/ Leary & Burroughs/ Nikola Tesla/ Tom Valone/ Michio Kaku and about everybody else – and about all relevant topics.
Ps Watch anything by/ with Stanislav Grof and on & about Free Energy.
Almost every good documentary that i have seen in recent years is posted on this site, except some scientific ones. (Ps the category “many bloodsucking insects” refers to Poli-tics).
Great documentaries like “the power of nightmares” and “nikola tesla – the man who lit the world” or “the race to zero point energy” will leave you illuminated for some time to follow, the rest is up to you.