The great dictator


great-dictator.jpgBush grants presidency extraordinary powers.
This is pretty much fascism.

Read the new presidential directive. via / not a trustworthy site but at least the full directive is reprinted. Looks like another 9/11 is coming your way or may be the famous Northwood Plan (via wikipedia or the George washington universities data storage) from the JFK era is making a return, of course in an updated version. If you have never heard of operation Northwood, by the General of the same name it would be best to get acquainted with it and see the similatities between this secret plan of the US government and 9/11. I am by no means talking about a conspiracy – merely stating that just such an idea being considered by any government makes you see what kind of people the world is dealing with. Nothing has changed since Henry IIX, the etiqeutte is just not as transparent as it used to be, but as always in human history, time will bring the truth to light.
PS – Enjoy this:
!!!!Birds seem to be the only willing opposition to the great dictator