Welcome to Nazi Germanys monitored internet – READ THIS!


8518117232_932125.jpgGermany seeks to tighten online laws , with the overused excuse of terror prevention. As if the already imposed internet laws of germany were not strict enough already, they are also trying to outlaw the use of fake email accounts or websites, while trying to store information on users and trace users.
Already far behind the international competition this will put the german online usership back to the stoneages. Total control is something that has become very household in germany and is being accepted widely – just take a look at civilrights, the taxlaws and private ownership.
PS: A lot of talk in germany is being held about the “Nazification” in the US, but they never mind or question their own buisness. The loss of privacy is one of the most radical steps to a totalitarian system in a country where the political body or form has moved further away from a direct and democratc participation than ever could be possible in the US. Welcome to the Fortress of Europa.